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Welcome to max DTR and the exciting world of dirt track racing....

Thank you for taking the time to PLAY our game!

This info will help you master Max DTR, along with helpful Tips

provided throughout the game.


To get you started, we’ve provided you enough spending cash to purchase

your first car and trailer, and start your racing Career...


Or, you can jump right in and race any car class in Quick Race or World DTR mode.


Have fun, and good luck, as you race hard to the finish line!


SCROLL through the Tutorial below at any time...




- Max DTR is Free to download and play, but we do offer a few reward Ads and in-app

Purchases for those who wish to accelerate game play.


- The goal of Max DTR is to have fun, forging a career as a dirt track racing legend.

And we developed Max DTR with maximum opportunities to do just that.


- as a racer, your main objective is to earn purse money and sponsorship $ in the career

mode, so that you can upgrade and repair your cars, win more competitive career races, hire

mechanics to your permanent crew, win world dtr multiplayer tournaments, and purchase

new, more powerful car classes.


- Practice in Quick Race, and amass Career purse and sponsor winnings, so you can

upgrade, repair, and expand your fleet of dirt cars... and dominate in World DTR

multiplayer tournaments, against racers across the globe.


- Remember to visit your Pit often to tune, upgrade and customize your cars, and

to hire mechanics to help your pit crew maintain your fleet. 


- Part of he challenge of the game is to effectively manage your winnings, so that you can

purchase upgrades and new cars, while conserving enough to repair your cars.


- Visit the Max DTR Zone to learn more about this exciting sport, and for more

information about some of the real world tracks and sponsors that help make

the sport possible for drivers and fans.



- Racing on dirt or clay oval tracks is much different from racing on paved tracks.

- It can be tricky to maintain top speed while sliding around the turns.

- To be as fast as possible, steer into the slide to prevent the car from spinning out.

- Each car and track races differently. So, practice, practice, practice.

- In Max DTR, all races begin AFTER a brief roll out and Sponsor tribute.

- Prepare to start steering as cars begin to accelerate towards the start line.

- Players take control of the car after the alert: 3-2-1- GO!

and as the small Red steering wheel icon turns Green.  Touch the left and right

areas of your screen to control your car, based on the control mode selected.



- There are 7 car classes in Max DTR:

- Start in the entry level 4 CYLINDER to master the basics of racing on dirt.

- STOCK car racing will be more competitive and will prepare you to race the

faster and more powerful MODIFIED, LATE MODEL, and BIG BLOCK MOD car classes.

- The 360 SPRINT and 410 WINGED SPRINT cars are the fastest cars in the game,

and will require your best skills and complete concentration to master.

- Select cars using the scrolling car selector on the left side of the screen.

- Check your selected car, with the car icon, on the top of the screen.



- You can toggle between 3 camera views when racing.

- The default camera view is a 1st Person, inside the cockpit view for Max realism.

- There are also two 3rd person views that zoom out behind and above your car.

- You may prefer different camera settings per car, or track, so be sure to try all 3.



- Dirt may splatters onto your car and helmet during a race, obstructing your vision.

- To clear dirt from your visor, tap the Tear Off helmet icon on the left of the screen.



- You will see several colors of flags when racing in Max DTR:

YELLOW flag: Cars are rolling out, preparing to race. Do not pass other cars.

GREEN flag: Go !! You can now pass other cars and race to win !!

 WHITE flag: Lead car has one Lap remaining in the race.

 CHECKERED flag: Lead car crossed the finish line. Continue racing to the finish!

 BLACK flag: You have been disqualified from the race.



-Toggle between the RACE and PIT menus using the most bottom right button.

- The crossed flag icon displays the RACE Menu, described below.

- The tent icon displays the PIT menu, described further below.



- There are 3 race modes in Max DTR: Quick Race, Career and World DTR



- Quick Race is not only fun, it's an excellent way to test you crs tuning set-ups on various

tracks before you race for real in other modes.

- Enter a Quick Race with any car, on any track. Choose the conditions,

number of laps, start position, number of opponents, and AI difficulty you prefer.

- Watch a brief reward Ad to race any base model car you do not yet own.

- Every car handles differently on each track, so Quick Race is an excellent way to

practice before Career and World DTR races.

- Also, cars do not take damage during Quick Races.


2-  CAREER Mode

- Win career races, and sponsor bonuses against tough AI competitors.

- Earn bonuses by completing career events every day.

- Begin your career as a Rookie in each car class and earn series points and Stars to

unlock more competitive series in the Amateur, Pro, Veteran, and Legend divisions.

- Of Course the ultimate goal is to become a Legend in each car.

- Purses increase with every race, Series, and Division... as does the competition!

- A big part of the Career challenge is to effectively manage your earnings, so you

can repair and upgrade your cars, hire more mechanics, and buy more cars.


- Career Race formats are standard dirt track events for each career race.

- When you feel ready after practice laps, you will run 3 Qualifying laps.

- The best of your 3 laps will be your Qualifying Time.

- Next, cars are lined up into heat races based on Qualifying times.

- The best finishers in each Heat Race advance to the A-Main, or feature event.


- If you advance directly to the A-Main, you will first compete in the DASH

to determine your starting positions in the A-Main.

- If you did not finish well in your heat race, you will still have a final chance

to advance to the feature event, by running well in the B-Main race.

- The top cars from the B-Main will line up behind the Dash cars for the A-Main race.


- You can skip some events during career races, but your start position will be last.

- You can also Re-Race events, retire from any race or series, and restart a series.

- Cars take damage in Career, so try to avoid hitting tires, walls, and other cars.



- Compete against racers from around the world in multiplayer tournaments.

- Race schedule shows the 3 current races available by car, as well as future races.

- Win coins in all 8 tournaments: 1 for each car class and the "All Cars Combined".

- Race as many times as you can to maximize points in each tournament.

- Your Top 10 finishes in each car class count towards that tournament leaderboard.

- Cars take damage in WDTR, so visit the pit often to repair your cars.

- You can watch a brief reward Ad in WDTR, to race base model cars you do not own.



- Visit your pit often to Upgrade, Repair, Tune, and Customize your dirt fleeT



- Upgrade engine and reduce weight to increase top speed and acceleration.

- Upgrade steering and suspension to improve handling.

- Upgrade trailer to unlock higher level components.

- The Max Power Bar reflects performance status of selected car.



- Maintain peak performance of your fleet using cash, coins, and mechanics.

- Repair engine and chassis damage on any or all of the components you select.

- Replace tires when able, to keep your cars the fastest machines on the dirt.

- Hire more mechanics to reduce repair times on one car, or across multiple cars.

- Mechanics become permanent members of your Pit Crew.

- Use Max Coins to instantly repair cars and return to racing action.

- Use reward Ads to further reduce repair times and conserve your resources.


3-  TUNE

-Default tuning is balanced. Optimize tuning to player preference.

-Save and Load setups for specific tracks. Restore default tuning with RESET.

-View tuning parameters under the 4 tabs: Summary, Car, Shocks, and Tires.


- The SUMMARY Tab provides a scrollable snapshot of the current car’s set-up.


- CAR Tab shows drive ratios, steering lock, and wing pitch for 410 Winged Sprint

- Lower drive ratios result in less acceleration and higher top speed.

- Higher drive ratios result in more acceleration and slower top speed.

- Increasing Wing Pitch increases down draft and can help 410 Sprint car handling,

however, increased drag from the wing will also slow the car down.

- On longer tracks you may want to try a lower drive ratio and lower wing pitch.

- On shorter tracks try a higher drive ratio and higher wing pitch.

- Steering Lock allows you to limit the range of steering inputs.


- The SHOCK Tab shows the current car’s suspension settings.

- Adjusting suspension settings may impact handling, traction, or cornering.

- Again, default suspension set-ups are balanced.

- Let us know if you find a more ideal set-up, by tweaking the settings provided.


- The TIRES Tab shows the current car’s tire set-up.

- Adjusting Tire Pressure may impact handling on certain tracks.

- Increased Stagger is a larger right-back wheel diameter and may impact turning.

- Softer Tire compounds increase traction, but also increase tire wear.



- Customize the numbers, colors, and sponsors on your cars and trailers.

- Select a cool name for your Race Team, and color and wrap your trailers like a pro.





HUD: Select info you prefer to see displayed while racing.

AUDIO: Enable or disable Pit Music and Sound Effects, as preferred.


VIDEO: Enable video resolution for Max DTR on your device.


CONTROLS: Try 3 control settings for selected car: Touch, Button, or Tilt mode.

Also adjust input sensitivity and other settings, by car. Default is Touch mode

for each car. But you may prefer another mode, so try them all.


- as you master the game, you'll get better at "tapping" the screen to turn (instead of

pressing the screen). This will help control the car and prevent over steering. and while it's

Clearly the goal to go as fast as possible, You may also try tapping the brake to avoid

collisions in heavy traffic.



- Visit MAX DTR ZONE to view tracks and link to real world track info

- View Sponsors and earn sponsor Rewards daily


INFO Button

- The Info button allows you to communicate with us and vice versa.

- Use this area to report feedback, view our latest news, and access or website.

- We appreciate your feedback!



- View the Car Status of your selected car.

- Provides a snapshot of selected car health, tuning, upgrades, and performance.



- View Mechanic Status and hire more mechanics

- Hire more mechanics to reduce repair times on one car, or across multiple cars.

- Mechanics become permanent members of your Pit Crew.



- Cash register icon shows current Game Cash from race purses and sponsor rewards.

- The coin icon on the top bar displays the current Max Coins earned and purchased.



- MAX Coins available are displayed on the Top Menu Bar.

- Click to purchase Max Coins in the store to accelerate your game play

- You can also Earn Max Coins in WDTR Tournaments and Career  Races



- View World DTR leaderboard and your Top 10 races in current WDTR tournaments.

- View your personal Quick Times, by car and track.

- View your Career and World DTR Achievements, by car.

- View and change your Player Profile info, and log in with a gamer ID.



Brought to you by Screaming Games

Maximum Dirt Track Racing... anywhere, anytime.


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